Top 2 Fantasy Basketball Videos of the Week

Lakers Trades

photo: YouTube Ezbucketz

Enjoy watching the top 2 most viewed Fantasy Basketball videos of the week!

Our trending rank score has ranked all of the top Fantasy Basketball videos for the week. Here are the top three fantasy basketball videos of the week based on YouTube views:

  1. What NBA Fans Don’t Understand (EzBucketz YouTube channel with 34K views)
  2. Auction Drafts in Fantasy Basketball (from Locked On Fantasy Basketball with 1.8K views)

The Fantasy Basketball season is fairly tame at present.  Here are the top 2 videos of the week.

  1.  What NBA Fans Don’t Understand (from EzBucketz)

If you love the NBA and Basketball, you will LOVE the EzBucketz YouTube channel!  This channel covers the most important topics in the NBA and also Fantasy Basketball Videos. Watch ezBUCKETz discuss the Lakers Anthony Davis trade below.

2)  Auction Drafts in Fantasy Basketball (Locked on Fantasy Basketball)

Josh Lloyd goes through the idea of an auction draft for fantasy basketball, how it works and the tips and strategies you should employ to be successful for this season. Stars and scrubs? Balanced approach? Which is best? The answers are all here. The Locked On Fantasy Basketball Podcast is brought to you by Basketball Monster.

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