Top 4 NBA Gaming Videos of the Past Year


photo: YouTube NBA 2K

Enjoy watching the top 4 NBA gaming videos from the past year as determined by YouTube views!

Our trending rank score has ranked all of the top NBA video gaming YouTube content for the past year.  Here are the top 4 NBA videos about gaming for the past year:

  1. NBA 2K20 House of Next (NBA 2K with 26M views)
  2. NBA 2K20 Next is Now (NBA 2K video with 6M views)
  3. NBA 2K20 LeBron Dunks on 3 Players (CashNasty with 686K views)
  4. NBA 2K Next Up (NBA 2K video with 677K views)

The NBA2K YouTube channel leads the pack with 3 of the 4 “most viewed” videos.  The YouTube channel “CashNasty” has one video that made the list.  Enjoy watching the top 4 NBA video gaming videos of the past 12 months below.

 1)  NBA 2K20 House of Next

This isn’t a game. This is the place the game comes to learn. Pre-order NBA 2K20 and discover what’s next.

 2)  NBA 2K20 Next is Now

2K20 gameplay is here! We’re showcasing familiar faces in new places around the NBA landscape. You can jump on the sticks to play NBA 2K20

3)  LeBron Dunks on 3 Players in NBA2K20

Watch CashNasty show his stuff as LeBron dunks on 3 players in an NBA2K20 game featuring the Lakers versus Pelicans.

4)  NBA 2K20 Next Up

Watch Zion, our newest Team 2K athlete, talk about what’s next for him IRL and see exclusive in-game footage of what’s next for him


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