Top 5 NBA Videos of the Past Year

Top 3 NBA Videos

photo: YouTube Jxmy Highroller

From funny LeBron moments to Shaq intimation attempts, these five professional basketball videos brought in the most views on YouTube during the past year!

Ever wonder which NBA related videos are the most engaging videos for the past year?  Well, look no further as our platform has analyzed all NBA videos from the past year to provide the answers.  Our ProBasketballiItel trending rank score ranked all of the top professional basketball related videos for the past year and here are the top 5 NBA according to most YouTube views:

  1. Jaw Dropping NBA Moments (from NBA Max wth 19M views)
  2. LeBron Funny Moments (from NBA Funny with 11M views)
  3. When Shaq tried to Bully Yao Ming (from Jxmy Highroller with 9M views)
  4. Weirdest NBA moments of 2018-2019 season  (from NBA max with 8M views)
  5. Tacko Fall Shocks Celtics Crowd in 2019 Season Debut (from Clive NBA Parody with 7M views)

Our proprietary platform for analyzed over 20,200 videos about the NBA and ranked the top 5 videos for the past year via most YouTube views.  The YouTube publisher “NBA Max” leads the pack and has 2 videos in the Top 5.  Enjoy watching the five “most viewed” pro basketball videos for the past year below!

1)  Most Jaw Dropping NBA Moments of 2018-19 Season (19M views)

The most jaw-dropping NBA moments and plays of the 2018/19 NBA Season – Regular + Playoffs!

2)  LeBron James Best Funny Moments (11M views)

One of the all-time greatest, most-competitive NBA athletes and his funny moments below. . .

3)  When Shaq Tried To Bully A Rookie Yao Ming and Instantly Regretted It (9M views)

Here is Jxmy Highroller bringing you the best content on all things basketball.

4)  Weirdest NBA moments of 2018-2019 season (8M views)

Here is NBA Max channel with the weirdest NBA Plays of the 2018/19 NBA Regular Season!

5)  Tacko Fall Shocks Celtics Crowd in 2019 Season Debut (7M views)

Tacko Fall Shocks Celtics Crowd In 2019 NBA Preseason Debut! Celtics vs Hornets October 6, 2019-20 NBA Preseason.

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NBA Most Viewed Videos
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